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Root & Shaw "Person of interest"

obsess-poi-newyork said: When you get this, answer with 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :)

1) I can’t swim, i’m afraid of water since i’m a kid.

2) I met my girlfriend online because of OUAT, mostly Swanqueen, we are both swen :)

3) My sister was born one day after me (but not the same year of course)

4) When I met Lana for the first time I told her “you are wonderful I love you” and now that I think to that it was kinda embarrassing x) 

5) I have a phobia about millipede, i can cry just seeing one in picture..

I choose:



Oh, yeah, um when we…so, 66 episodes is a lot. So, um, when we are back in Storybrooke after we’ve gotten through Neverland, um I’m trying to remember the context of what it was that I was grateful for. I think it was when Regina was offering to sacrifice her time with Henry, I’m pretty sure, I’m sorry…If I remember correctly, it was when we were on the streets of Storybrooke and um Regina realizes that the only way she is going to be able to save everyone is by reversing the curse that Peter Pan enacted. And part of that means sending me with Henry to New York for a year…and in the moment when she offers that Emma realizes the depth of what she’s sacrificing as a mother and as a person. And it was not scripted. It was just something that we chose to try and they shot it both ways to give the writers an option either way, and I just personally felt in the moment it felt genuine because it was so heart wrenching to imagine Regina having to give up Henry like that and the lengths she would go to completely do the right thing for all those people. So, uh, we just gave the option in having the moment and we gave the option not having the moment. So, uh, I don’t make those decisions, but that’s what…came up.

— Jennifer Morrison on the Swan Queen hug (via xxangelshadowxx)


Double The Pleasure ~~Double Barreled Badassess

I think one of my favorite parts of this, aside from the obvious, is this face:

" Amy Acker and I enjoy working with each other "

                                                                      Sarah Shahi 

First time i see these pics, thank you for sharing. It’s easy to see they like each other 😊


Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)
Pencils on A4.


Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)

Pencils on A4.

but why Is Regina suffering again?
but why does Hook get a clean slate
but why does rumple get forgiven
where is the real Emma Swan?
are you telling me biological parents are more important than adoptive parents?
that's downright offensive
Are you telling me Mulan was the queer representation?
Why is everyone white?
Well doesn't Ruby deserve more screen time?
You named the snowing baby Neal?
wait was that all there was about Outlaw Queen?
I came here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now


Last week I met Lana Parrilla.
I hug her like “don’t go away Lana” lol.
I didn’t even realize where my hand was on the second pic ^^’ I’m not complaining haha x) 

She’s an angel, really.
She’s one of the few people I dreamed to meet because she is a wonderful woman with a beautiful soul.


My pictures with the OUaT cast at the Fairy Tales II Convention. 

I saw you in the line for Lana and loved your shirt! All of them are awesome!

An artwork I made and didn’t share until now

An artwork I made and didn’t share until now


Seriously, Shaw has such a crush on Kelly:

"You have a beautiful accent."

"Kelly is good in this crowd* Charming, casually evasive. Who’d want to put a bull’s eye on her?”

Heck, when Kelly goes toe to toe with Shaw and Shaw realizes who she’s fighting with, Shaw’s smiling and seem to be enjoying herself.

Then later Shaw proudly shows off the bruise Kelly gave her to Harold.

*I’ve repeated this over and over and I’m still not sure if that’s the word Shaw used.

I got that feeling too about Kelly


I’m going to the con in Paris next week and thought we could collect some questions about Swan Queen, the Swan Mills Family and the Emma/Regina relationship in general that I or other fans who want to can ask at the con.

My suggestion is to not ask questions about season 4 because the actors…

Love that post. I wanna ask what is exactly the difference between true love and soulmate. Stef suggested that and i would like to know what the actors think about it and if they know the difference. But will i be able to ask? I really dunno *shy*